North Korean UN Envoy Warns of Possible War

The whole world is stage and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un wants to be the lead actor, drawing everyone’s attention. He reminds me of the little kid who purposely misbehaves and gets into mischief just to draw attention to himself. Only with Kim, the attention he is drawing may well lead to a third world war.

North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles against the dictates of many nations, not just the United States. When Barack Obama was in office, Kim never had to worry about the US taking any kind of serious action to stop North Korea.

However, things have drastically changed with Donald Trump as the Commander-in-Chief. Where Obama failed take action against Syria for the use of chemical weapons several years ago, Trump DID take action this time.

Now the North Korean envoy to the United Nations is telling everyone that the actions of the United States could very possibly lead to war, when in fact, it’s the actions of the North Korea that will be the ultimate trigger.

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