North Korea Preparing to Start World War?

Over the past few years, North Korea has been aggressively pursuing nuclear weapons. They have threatened to use them against the United States. They have also made it known that want all of the Korean peninsula, which means they have plans for invading and conquering South Korea, a US ally.

When Barack Obama was in office, he refused to do anything to stop North Korea. He went through the gestures of getting the United Nations to issue sanctions against the militant dictatorship, but other than that, he just kept telling them to stop without anything to back up his command.

Consequently, North Korea ignored Obama’s hollow edicts and continued in their pursuit of building a nuclear arsenal, which they apparently now have.

The United Nations ordered North Korea to refrain from building or testing any ballistic missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload to other nations, but again North Korea has ignored those orders.

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Now, North Korea has issued a warning to the world to wait until today to see what is going to happen. No one is sure if it will be another missile test the last one failed, or if it is the launch of war.



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