No Sanctuary Here for Illegals Says New Sheriff

Having lived in Arizona for 36 years, I’ve seen the negative impact illegal aliens and drug trafficking has done to the state. The situations they create have made it so dangerous in the southern part of the state that road signs warning of the dangers have been posted in some areas within 100 miles of the Mexican border. I’ve seen how entire neighborhoods and even some smaller cities in the state have been devastated by being overrun with illegal aliens. My connections with law enforcement agencies in central Arizona have told me many times that at least 75% of the crime in their areas are directly or indirectly related to illegal aliens and illegal drug trafficking.

When former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was in charge, his department knew the impact of illegal aliens and drug trafficking and focused many of their efforts to target them. However, after launching an investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate, as requested to do so by a group of county citizens, Obama had his Department of Justice attack Arpaio and his department. They claimed that his efforts to stop illegal human and drug trafficking constituted racial profiling, resulting in the entire Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department being stripped of their federal credentials to enforce immigration laws.

Many other law enforcement jurisdictions didn’t want to buck the system and since they were run by liberal Democrats, they refused to cooperate with federal immigration officials. Sadly, a number of law enforcement agencies, like San Francisco, have supported sanctuary status to protect illegals.

However, one county sheriff not only refuses to accept sanctuary status, but is working to train all of his deputies to be ICE trained and certified so they can fully cooperate with federal officials in enforcing federal immigration laws.

Meet Pinal County Sheriff Paul Lamb. Before Lamb won the election to become Pinal County Sheriff, his predecessor Paul Babeu served as the counties first Republican County Sheriff for 10 years and often stood against the liberal policies of Barack Obama, especially committing to not enforce Obama’s gun control laws. However, Babeu fell under investigation for financial allegations, opening the door for Lamb to win last November’s election.

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Being sworn into office on January 1, 2017, Sheriff Lamb quickly got to work doing his job to protect the citizens on Pinal County. Pinal County lies just south and east of the Maricopa County and the greater Phoenix-Tempe-Mesa metropolitan area and just north of Pima County and Tucson. It is roughly the size of Connecticut but only has a population of about 450,000 people. The county is made up of whites, blacks, American Indians and Hispanics. The southern border of the county is only 80 miles north of the Mexican border along Interstate 19, that runs south through Tucson and into Mexico at Nogales.

The proximity to the Mexican border and the major interstate running north from Mexico through the county to the Phoenix metro area has placed Pinal County directly in the path of many illegal human and drug traffickers. It’s not uncommon to find lots of trash in the desert of Pinal County, left behind by illegal and drug traffickers that walked north from Mexico.

While many law enforcement officials work to protect illegals, Sheriff Lamb has made it known that he does not support sanctuary cities or counties. Not only does he not support sanctuary cities or counties, but he is working to fully cooperate and comply with federal officials. According to Fox News:

“Lamb took office in January and instituted a cooperative program so his jail deputies are cross trained as ICE agents, allowing them to question and immediately determine an inmate’s immigration status. In practice, it allows for a seamless transition of criminal aliens from the Pima County courthouse or jail to ICE custody for deportation.”

“‘Ultimately their goal is the same as ours – public safety,’ said David Marin, an ICE director in Los Angeles. ‘Those sheriffs and law enforcement agencies realize that by turning over these criminal aliens to us they’re not going to be able to go out and commit additional crimes’.”

“Currently Pinal County has four jail deputies trained in the ICE 287g program, which allows local police to enforce immigration laws. The Trump administration hopes to expand the program to as many cities as possible.”

“‘My job is to keep the people of Pinal County safe,’ said Lamb. ‘The 287g program allows me to make sure I’m not putting criminals back in the community’.”

If more county sheriffs would be like Sheriff Lamb and enforce local, state and federal laws, we probably wouldn’t have near the problem with illegal aliens or illegal drugs that we do. I can’t help but wonder how much of the heroin overdose epidemic that is sweeping America is directly due to Obama’s failure to secure the border and enforce the federal immigration laws. If it’s possible to sue Donald Trump for inciting violence at one of his rallies, then the victims or family of victims of heroin overdoses should start suing Obama for failure to take action to stop the flow of illegal drugs.


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