NEWS: Islamic War on Christianity Increases over Easter Holiday

While America’s liberals continue to mislead and hide the truth about the dangers of Islam, hundreds of Christians around the world are being brutally attack every day by Islamic terrorists.

Islam claims to be a religion of peace, yet their Quran teaches that all non-believers should be converted to Islam or destroyed. There is nothing peaceful about that.

Islamic terrorists like ISIS, al-Qaeda Taliban, Boko Haran and others continue to vow to wipe Christianity off of the earth and they cite the Quran as their reason for doing so. To them, it is a commanded holy duty to destroy Christians, Bibles and churches. There is nothing peaceful about that.

Over the Easter and Passover weekend, Islamic attacks on Christianity around the world, yet the liberal mainstream media in America continues to hide the truth and keep their heads stuck in the sand, blinded to the danger about to befall on us all.

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