Mom Tries to Light Teacher on Fire After Being Told Her Son Has Behavioral Problems

I’ve said many times that many of the behavioral problems witnessed today among young people are the direct result of parenting issues. In many cases, it’s a lack of parenting that allows kids to just run wild, get into trouble and do whatever they want. The parents are too busy with or just wrapped up in themselves and their own personal pleasures to be involved in their kids’ lives. Makes you wonder why they had kids to begin with.

Parents like these fail to realize the damage they are doing to their kids by not being stricter and disciplining them. There have been many occasions where kids get into trouble just get their parents’ attention. Professionals have heard numerous kids say that all they wanted was their parents’ attention and that they longed to have some rules to follow. They wanted discipline in their lives, but their parent just couldn’t be bothered.

Then you have the parents that can’t control their own lives and teach their kids by their own bad examples. I know a young girl who will soon turn 15. She’s been raised by a single mom who is completely self-centered, a hypochondriac and a pathological liar. Her daughter has grown up to be just like her and now her mom keeps asking others to fix her daughter, who steals, lies disobeys and more. We’ve tried to counsel the mom, but she can’t see her own problems, so she has no clue how to fix her daughter’s problems. I’ve contended that the daughter will most likely end up pregnant, or be a runaway or get arrested and sent to jail. It’s been close a couple of times on the jail part.

Parents teach by example, whether they realize it or not and the case of a North Carolina mom is a prime example.

Shequella Sheala Leonard was scheduled for a parent-teacher conference with her son’s elementary school teacher, Megan Jones. While Jones was discussing Leonard’s son, she brought up the issue that her son has bad behavior. Leonard, a model parent, became angry. Shortly thereafter, the school principal told Leonard that she and her son needed to leave the school building now. As they walked into the hallway, Leonard pulled out a bottle of lighter fluid from her purse and began spraying it all over the teachers face and arms, all the while yelling that she was going to set her on fire and she was going to burn down the school.

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When lighter fluid splashed into Jones’ eyes, they began to burn and she ran away. In the latest report, Jones did suffer damage to her eyes from the lighter fluid.

Police have arrested the model mom and charged her with ‘assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, malicious use of explosives causing injury and misdemeanor communicating threats.’ She was booked into the Durham County Detention Center and held on a $50,000 bond.

Local media tried to interview Jones about the incident but she was not up to an interview as she deals with the injuries to her eyes. Other parents and people in the community who heard about the incident took to social media, with some very good comments, especially about her son’s bad behavior. Here are some of the different comments that were posted:

“Adults behaving even worse than their children – is it any wonder that the kids then grow up to have no boundaries or moral development? What goes through an adult woman’s head to even CONSIDER doing something like that?”

“She brought the lighter fluid with her she was planning on doing something. This is crazy for teachers to have to deal with.”

“Wonder how she treats her son? So sad that people have lost all sense of right and wrong. These poor kids growing up in homes like hers.”

“She just happened to have lighter fluid in her purse? Can’t wait to hear why.”

“This woman needs a psych consult and incarceration. She’s clearly a danger to others and is a poor role model for any children she might have.”

“Sounds like his behavior stems from her. Maybe DSS and police should check out the home situation. If throwing lighter fluid type situations are happening in that home, it’s best any children be removed ASAP.”

A good friend of mine retired from teaching 6th grade for years and often shared stories of how he understood why many of his students acted or behaved the way they did, after he met the parents. On one occasion, a student pulled a knife on him in class. He managed to get the student to the principal’s office, but the student was returned to class before the teacher had a chance to fill out paperwork. Then when he met the parents and told them about the incident, they blamed him for making their son angry.

You want to know why America is going down the toilet? This is one of the main reasons – bad parenting – like that of Shequella Sheala Leonard, who should spend a long time in jail for not only the charges the police have filed, but the more serious charge of failing to set a good example for her son.



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