Mixed Reports on Gun Sales Under Trump

Liberals want nothing more than to discourage Americans from buying and owning guns of any kind. They don’t want you to be able to hunt, target shoot or be able to protect yourself, your home or your family. They want you to be left defenseless and vulnerable to criminals and to an eventual socialist takeover of the government, more so than what we saw under Obama. Therefore, liberal media sources will intentionally distort the news to suit their purposes and promote their anti-gun agenda.

Conservatives, on the other hand want nothing more than to keep their guns and continue to hunt, target shoot and feel secure in knowing they can protect themselves, their homes and their families. They also want to make sure that there is no socialist takeover of the government, especially like what happened under Obama. Therefore, some conservative media sources may also tend to distort the news to suit their purposes and promote their pro-gun agenda.

Here are a couple of examples that posted this week to demonstrate what I mean.

The News-Herald News originates from Willoughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. To give you an idea of the political nature of the Cleveland area, in the 2012 presidential election, 149 precincts out of a total of 1077 precincts in all of Cuyahoga County reported fewer than 10 votes for Mitt Romney. Statistically this is extremely rare and many experts suggest that this represents some sort of voter fraud. Some claimed that voting machines in the area were programmed to switch Romney votes to Obama, as was reported in other parts of the country. Willoughby is in Lake County, which adjoins Cuyahoga County, where voters voted for Trump in the last election, but neighboring Cuyahoga County where Cleveland is located voted Clinton by 65.8% to 30.8% for Trump.

In an April 22, 2017 post, the title read – ‘Gun sales lagging nationwide since presidential election’ it stated:

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“Nationwide, sales of guns and ammunition in the United States have continued to decline since Republican Donald Trump was elected president.”

“Federal background checks, which do not precisely track gun sales but serve as the best available proxy, have fallen significantly each month since Election Day, cnn.com reports.”

The Motley Fool is generally a financial advisory group who took their name from a Shakespeare play. Some say they are liberal and others say they are conservative and some just aren’t sure where they are in general. However, on April 24, 2017, they posted the following – ‘Smith & Wesson and Ruger Rise As FBI Gun Checks Surge in March’. In their post, they state:

“Well, so much for the theory that a gun-friendly president and Congress would shoot down gun sales. The FBI reported background checks for potential gun buyers surged in March and are on track to record one of the biggest year’s ever.”

“Not surprisingly, the stocks of gunmakers American Outdoor Brands (NASDAQ:AOBC) and Sturm, Ruger (NYSE:RGR) have jumped in response. Shares of the parent of the Smith & Wesson brand are 7.5% higher since the report came out at the beginning of the month, while Ruger’s stock is up 6%. The apocalypse many analysts thought would befall the firearms industry following the election of Donald Trump as president seems to have been postponed.”

Whichever report you want to believe, they both indicate one thing. Gun sales did not plunge under a Trump presidency as many predicted. If they did decline in March, it wasn’t by very much as The News-Herald News reported:

“In March, the FBI ran 2.43 million background checks, vs. 2.52 million in March 2016.”

As you can see, their figures indicate only a 90,000 decrease in background checks, but don’t forget that in many locations, sellers at gun shows are not required to run background checks.

I suspect that many Americans are still buying guns and ammunition before liberals make their move to regain control of state and federal governments including the White House. This past election was close and since nothing is being done to tighten up election laws that are allowing millions of illegals to illegally vote, it’s possible that anti-gun Democrats could regain control in 2020, if Trump doesn’t manage to fulfill the rest of his campaign promises. In that case, it’s best to buy now while you can, because you know what will happen with a Clinton, Sanders or Warren regime.



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