Man Arrested for Saving Life of Fiancé

What would you do if a couple of men grabbed and attacked your fiancé or wife?

That’s the situation that 34-year-old Jeremiah Morin of Spring, Texas found himself in and he ended up getting arrested and charged with a felony for how he responded. Spring is a suburb of about 55,000 people about 25 miles due north of downtown Houston.

Morin’s fiancé had just arrived at his home and was taking her kids inside when two men, wearing ski masks appeared. One of the masked men grabbed Morin’s fiancé in a headlock and began trying to drag her away. According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident, that was when Morin came out of his house with his gun and began firing at the men. The masked man released his grip on the fiancé and the two of them took off running down the street. Morin continued to chase and shoot at them as they fled down the street.

The two assailants were described as being ‘short, black males wearing dark clothing along with the ski masks’. They are still at large and so far, police do not know who they were or if they were after the fiancé or one of the kids. No blood trail was found so it is believed that Morin missed when shooting at them. Police believe the incident may have been gang-related, and so far neither Morin or his fiancé have been very cooperative with law enforcement officers.

Perhaps the lack of cooperation is because Morin was subsequently arrested and charged with a third-degree felony for indiscriminately shooting at the men as they fled down the busy street.

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Bryan Carlisle, Captain of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department stated:

“He began to indiscriminately shoot multiple rounds down the street. These rounds definitely went down a very crowded street.”

“You can make the assumption that maybe they were trying to take her or take one of the kids. We don’t know for sure, we’re looking at the totality of the circumstances.”

The ironic aspect about this incident is that the two guilty men are running around while the man who came to the rescue of his fiancé was arrested and charged with a felony. The lesson learned from this is that all gun owners, including Morin, need to spend more time at the range practicing with their gun. Had Morin been a better shot, neither of those men would have ever reached the street and he would not have been arrested for shooting indiscriminately down a busy street.

There is also a lesson to be learned for gun control fanatics. Had Morin not had a gun, there is no telling what may have happened to his fiancé or her kids. Had Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg had their way, Morin would not have had a gun and he may not have been able to rescue or protect his fiancé or her kids. They would prefer to allow the fiancé and her kids to become victims of a violent crime rather than providing a means for their rescue and protection.

However, due to Morin’s poor aim, he may never be allowed to own or even handle a firearm again. If convicted of the third-degree felony, he will be legally barred from gun ownership or possession ever again.


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