Liberals Blast Trump for Donating Quarterly Check to National Park Service

In a true philanthropic gesture to help the National Park Service, President Donald Trump donated his first quarterly paycheck for being President to them. Some liberals are blasting the gesture as just some form of grandstanding and showmanship. Honestly, they will never accept anything Trump does as being genuine.

President Donald Trump donated his first presidential paycheck to the National Park Service, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Monday.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Harpers’ Ferry National Park Superintendent Tyrone Brandyburg were on hand to accept the personal check for $78,333.32 on behalf of the park service.

Zinke reminded the press corps of the slogan inscribed on Yellowstone National Park’s Theodore Roosevelt Arch: “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of All People.”

He said that phrase is now considered the motto of his department.

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