The Islamization of Europe – America is Next

Throughout most of history covering the last 2,000 years, Europe was the home of Christianity. By 1800, Christianity was the predominate religion of most of Europe. Italy was the central point of the Roman Catholic church. Germany was the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation. England became known for the Church of England while large sections of Scandinavia became home to Lutherans. The Methodist denomination formed in England when John Wesley tried to reform the Church of England, much like Martin Luther did in Germany with the Roman Catholic church. While some Baptists try to trace their origins back to the Apostle Peter, most church historians attribute its beginning to London in the early 1600. Europe gave rise to the Huguenots and Puritans as well as other Protestant denominations.

Today, many of the bastions of Christianity have crumbled over neglect or have been replaced by Islam.

As I’ve shared before, I have friends in the United Kingdom, one of which is now a retired pastor originally from Scotland, who tells me that large sections of England have been overtaken by Muslims. About 20 or so years ago, thousands of Muslims left Eastern Europe, especially Albania, and moved to England. Today, entire communities and cities have become predominately Muslim. Once proud and grand Christian churches are now abandoned, turned into pubs, hotels and mosques. Store fronts now display signs in Arabic, not English. As the Muslims moved into many English neighborhoods, they pushed English citizens out, some by force and others by silent oppression. Now there are Muslim members of Parliament and even the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is a Muslim.

In 2010, then French President Nicholas Sarkozy announced that the famous Louvre Museum would be dedicating a new section to the artistic heritage of Eastern Christians. However, that new display never happened. Instead, the new section of the Louvre is dedicated to Islamic art.

In 1992, a historic treaty was signed in Maastricht, Netherlands. The treaty gave rise to the European Union and the European currency of the Euro. In 2016, the world’s most important art and antiquities fair known as Tefal, which takes place in Maastricht, featured a piece of Persian Islamic art instead of the originally commissioned piece.

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Other museums in Europe have been steadily displaying more and more Islamic art and artifacts and the decrease or removal of many Christian art pieces and artifacts. Some of Europe’s famed artwork was veiled upon the visit of leaders from Islamic nations for fear the historic nude statues would offend them. Note that this was never done nor did anyone worry about offending leaders of other nations there were Christian.

Some European artists and filmmakers have been forced to alter their work for fear of being targeted by Muslims.

“British artist, Grayson Perry, admitted that he censored himself out of fear that he might end up like Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker slain by an extremist Muslim, Mohammed Bouyeri, for having made a film about women under Islam. ‘I have censored myself,’ Perry said. ‘The reason I have not gone all out in attacking Islamism in my art is because I have real fear that someone will slit my throat’.”

As civil war rages in Syria and other areas of the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees traveled to Europe. It’s interesting that they did not travel to other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, but they fled to France, Germany, Hungary and other European countries. Ask yourself why?

Many of the Muslim refugees say that they fled to Europe for freedom, security and prosperity, yet in the areas they are congregating in, they are trying to change the culture into exactly what they fled from. They still push for sharia law and hold to many of their Islamic customs instead of embracing the culture they sought to escape to.

Kamel Daoud, an Algerian born writer who now lives and works in France, wrote:

“Those (migrants) who come to seek freedom in France must participate in freedom. Migrants did not come to seek asylum in Saudi Arabia, but in Germany. Why? For security, freedom and prosperity. So, they must not come to create a new Afghanistan.”

And yet, Daoud and others say that many of the Islamic refugees are doing that very thing, trying to chance Europe into a new Afghanistan. Giulio Meotti, with Gatestone Institute International Police Council wrote in response to Daoud:

“Right. But it is the European mainstream that is letting them turn our cultural landscape into another Afghanistan.”

And, it’s the American mainstream that is allowing the same thing to happen here in this country. The number of Muslim immigrants that came to the US under the reign of Barack Obama skyrocketed. They have been given more rights and freedoms than Christians have. They are allowed to do things in public schools that Christians are no longer allowed to do.

One Pennsylvania judge has already ruled via sharia law in a case several years ago. A policeman witnessed a Muslim man physically assault another man for dressing like a zombie Mohammad for Halloween. When the case went to court the judge, a Muslim judge, verbally chastised the victim for offending Islam and acquitted the attacker saying his actions were justified.

As we witness the Islamization of Europe, realize that America is not far behind.


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