Important Sleep Pros & Cons Associated with Ageing

We hear a lot in the news about how important getting enough sleep is to our overall health. Many people in today’s hectic world get too little sleep, which has been proven to be dangerous to our health.

But did you know that your sleep habits often change as you get older? Some of those changes can be good, some bad and some just status quo. Quite often, as we get older, many people find that they don’t need as much sleep as they used and there are reasons for that.

Why is sleep so important?

During our daily routine, our brains accumulate amyloid-beta proteins. When we enter into our deep and restful sleep, most of the amyloid-beta proteins are cleaned away and flushed out of our system. Too little sleep can allow a build-up amyloid-beta proteins which can lead to conditions like dementia. Think of good restorative sleep as being the night janitor of your brain. Frequent waking or not enough deep restorative sleep is like continually interrupting the night janitor and when it’s time for him or her to go home, some of the trash and dirt is left behind because he or she never had time to clean it out.

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A recent study revealed that some people lose the ability to get that vitally needed restorative sleep as they get older…



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