Illinois Dems Want Taxpayers to Pay for All Abortions for All Reasons

Can you imagine someone ripping your arms and legs off while you are awake and without any form of anesthesia? Now imagine someone using a large knife cutting you to pieces while you’re awake. Or what about someone shoving a scissor into the base of your skull from behind and severing your spinal cord so that you can no longer breathe and your heart stops? Again, this is done while you are awake and without any painkiller. Or how would like to be poisoned to death?

According to American Life League:

“There are three abortion classifications—surgical abortionmedical abortion, and chemical abortion.”

Surgical abortion methods include:

  • Suction aspiration – most commonly used in 1st Sharp edged suction tube used to cut up and suck out the baby in pieces.
  • Dilation and curettage (D&C) – uses a loop shaped knife to cut baby into pieces then scrapes lining of uterus to clean out remains.
  • Dilation and extraction (also known as D&X or partial-birth abortion) – used up to 3rd Forces birth of baby except the head, then scissors inserted to sever spinal cord.
  • Dilation and evacuation (D&E) – often used during 2nd Uses forceps to pull away arms, legs and parts of the body.
  • Hysterotomy – used in 3rd trimester and could be referred to as an abortive Cesarean section. After being delivered by C section, the baby is then killed by the doctor or attending medical staff.

Medical abortion methods include:

  • Mifepristone (RU-486) – also called the day after pill. Used to abort early pregnancies by starving the baby to death.
  • Methotrexate – toxin that destroys baby’s life support system and breaks down developing cells.
  • Salt poisoning – used in 2nd and 3rd High concentrated salt solution injected into amniotic sac causing the baby to die from acute salt poisoning. Described as being extremely painful for the baby.
  • Prostaglandis – used in 2nd and 3rd Use of hormones to induce violent uterine contractions which often crush the baby to death.

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These types of abortions encompass the scenarios described above and more. You can read more specifics of the various methods used to murder an innocent unborn child here.

Now, imagine being a taxpayer who is forced to pay for any of these types of abortion on demand, regardless of the reason behind the woman’s desire to murder her baby.

Democrats in Illinois have introduced a bill – HB 40 to do just that. Over the past nearly 40 years, abortions for reasons of health, incest, life of mother and rape have been covered in Illinois. HB 40 would open coverage for all abortions regardless of the reason – abortion on demand.

Illinois Right To Life says that HB 40 will have four negative impacts:

1- Free Medicaid abortions on demand, no restrictions.

2- Will result in increased number of abortions in the state.

3- Places no cap on how much the state can spend on abortions – unlimited spending.

4- Opens the door for widespread fraud and numerous false claims.

Fortunately, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, a Republican and pro-lifer, has vowed to veto HB 40 if it comes to his desk. However, Democrats hold a 67-51 (57%) lead in the state Senate and a 37-22 (63%) lead in the state House. That means there are enough votes in the House to override Rauner’s veto but not quite enough in the Senate. A battle to override a veto could be bitter and lot closer than most of us would like to see. Hopefully, there are enough members of the Illinois state legislature who value the sanctity of life who will block a veto override.

One last thought to share. Chances are many of the same Democrats pushing HB 40 to allow for more murders of innocent unborn children are the same ones protecting illegal aliens and who push to save animals and plants. They value animals and illegal aliens more than they value your unborn children. What kind of warped mentality is that?


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