Hypocrite Elizabeth Warren Pays Female Staff 20% Less than Males

I think we can all agree that if there is one characteristic that every liberal politician shares it’s their penchant for being hypocrites.

Whether it’s Chuck Schumer on partisanship, or Susan Rice on lying, or Obama on presidents acting like despots, most Democrats prove themselves to be monster hypocrites once they’ve been giving the least bit of power. Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is no different than the others and a recent analysis of her payroll by the Washington Free Beacon has the proof.

First, let’s remind you about the many, many times Elizabeth Warren has commented and complained about the supposed “wage gap” between genders. While Warren refuses to acknowledge the fact that there are a whole host of reasons for the disparity in male to female wages (like the fact that men on average work longer hours, men never get pregnant, and this gap doesn’t take into account the different types of work that men and women do) she continues to argue that the gender wage gap proves that our nation is mired in misogyny and inequality. (Oddly, i’ve never heard Warren complain about the inequality of work in the oil fields, in the mines, or on the garbage trucks – where almost all employees are men. She only seems to care about this “inequality” in corporate board rooms.)

Here’s what Warren said in her “Equal Pay Day” speech:


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