Home of the Free Speech Movement Prepared for Violence to Block Free Speech

Over 40 years ago, the University of California at Berkeley gave rise to the Free Speech Movement. Students and other activists protested to obtain the right to free speech. Now, Berkeley students and activists are threatening violence to stop free speech, or should I say, the free speech of a conservative who loves telling the truth. Today’s liberal, of which Berkeley is filled with, cannot tolerate anyone speaking the truth because it goes against their liberal anti-America agenda. In the midst of the threats of violence, some are accusing Berkeley’s mayor of being connected to extremist groups.

The University of California, Berkeley is likely to once again be the site of brutal protests on Thursday as questions arise about whether the city’s mayor has ties to an extremist group sparking violence.

Ann Coulter has vowed to move ahead with a planned appearance at the university, despite Berkeley trying to reschedule her speech over security concerns. Law enforcement sources told Fox News that regardless of whether the conservative firebrand shows up, there is a “99 percent” chance that the college will erupt in violence.

The sources are helping the Berkeley Police Department prepare for what is now seen as an inevitable showdown over First Amendment rights to free speech.

Liberal and extremists have threatened violence if conservative news commentator Ann Coulter speaks at the university. The school tried to cancel her event but she has promised to show up anyway. Several conservative organizations have filed a lawsuit against the university over the cancellation. Coulter said the university did offer a different date, but she is not available on the date and she found out there are no classes the week of that date so there wouldn’t be any students to hear her.

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