Hollywood Working to ‘Make America Obama Again’

Stealing the concept of Donald Trump’s winning campaign slogan of ‘make America great again’, Hollywood liberals are already working hard to ‘make America Obama again’. Not only are Hollywood’s liberals working to win American back to socialist Democratic control, but the media is working with them. They don’t want America to be great again, they want America to continue to travel down the road to destruction.

Conservative Review host Michelle Malkin said Hollywood and the press formed a united front against President Trump, trying to undermine him and “Make America Obama Again.”

Malkin said the press acted as President Obama’s “lapdogs” and never broke news on his radical allies like Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers.

America’s conservatives need to be aware of the efforts of Hollywood and media to destroy America. We already know that the media is extremely liberally biased and cannot be trusted to report the real news fairly, but now people need to be aware of the concerted efforts being made by Hollywood. Likely these efforts will be played out not only in movies but in popular prime-time television.

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