Hawaii Preparing for Attack from North Korea

As tensions continue to increase in the western Pacific, the United States is trying to work with China to de-escalate the situation with North Korea. The Chinese government has agreed that North Korea’s nuclear program needs to be stopped, no one know what they are going to do to help stop it.

North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, continues to point the finger at the United States as being the aggressor that could lead to war, when in fact it is the actions of the North Koreans that could be the trigger.

North Korea has been testing ballistic missiles, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, although many of those tests have been utter failures. No one really knows the range of any of North Korea’s missiles, but they do not believe they have the capacity to reach the US mainland (California, Oregon and Washington).

However, Hawaii may well be in reach of North Korean missiles, so the island state is already beginning to make preparations in the even that they are the target of a North Korean attack…

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