Guess what the Top 10 Most Popular Governors in America have in Common?

Actually, 15 of the 16 most popular Governors share this trait… and by now you’ve probably guessed, it’s that they are all Republicans. Yes, 15 of the 16 most popular Governors (and the top 10) are all from the GOP.

What may be even more interesting is that the two most popular Governors in the country hail from very, very blue states.

The latest report from Morning Consult polled 85,000 people from across the nation and found some very interesting results.

The two most popular governors are Republicans in traditionally blue states: Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Larry Hogan of Maryland. Both governors have reputations as shrewd, bipartisan dealmakers who value results over party purity, and their constituents seem to appreciate that style. Three-fourths (75 percent) of Bay Staters approve of Baker, while 17 percent disapprove. In Maryland, 73 percent approve of Hogan, and 16 percent disapprove.


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