Governor Removes Murder Cases from State Attorney

Amidst calls from Republicans in the sunshine state of Florida for Governor Rick Scott to remove State Attorney Aramis Ayala, in Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit Court, Scott did remove 21 first-degree murder cases from her case load, because she refuses to not seek a death sentence in any of the cases.

Central Florida Republican lawmakers on Tuesday applauded Gov. Scott’s decision to remove 21 first-degree murder cases from Orange-Osceola state attorney Aramis Ayala, but also reiterated their call for Scott to go further and suspend her from office.

“What happens in all cases in the future that may qualify or may have aggravated circumstances for a death penalty case?” said Rep. Bob Cortes, R-Altamonte Springs. “Will the governor have to step in and issue executive orders for each case in the future? Is this best serving the interests both of victims, defendants and the residents of the 9th Judicial Circuit?”

Ayala’s decision not to seek the death penalty in any case has spurred a backlash among Republicans, who have targeted her office for at least $1.3 million in budget cuts and the elimination of 21 positions.


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