Government Shutdown Averted on Trump’s 100th Day

Democrats had threatened to not block the stopgap funding bill in the Senate and force the Republicans to cave into their demands or face another partial government shutdown. In 2013, when Democrats were in control, there was a partial shutdown of some government operations, known as Sequestration. Although the plan was Barack Obama’s own idea to extort Republicans into giving in to his way, Obama, Democrats and the liberal media blamed it all on the Republicans for not being willing to compromise. This time, the Republicans are in control and Democrats were unwilling to compromise, but they were already blaming Republicans if there was a shutdown.

Congress passed a one-week stopgap funding bill Friday to prevent a government shutdown on the 100th day of President Trump’s administration.  

Senators cleared the continuing resolution by voice vote shortly after the House voted 382-30 on the legislation.

Lawmakers had until midnight to pass government funding and send the bill to Trump’s desk. 

Unfortunately, it takes a 60% vote to pass a stopgap spending bill and Republicans on make up 52%, so even though they are in the majority, the minority of Democrats still had some control to prevent the bill from passing and to force a partial government shutdown.

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