From the President’s Corner

Our little children care about America

       With all the chaos in the world it’s clearly an urgent call for all Americans to unite no matter what political position they choose to follow. It’s for the good of our children and grandchildren and generations to come. Let’s put aside the differences now!!  We must as Americans work together to fight the evil powers in the world that seek to destroy us.

       I was given a spark of hope for our young people in America recently when my six year-old granddaughter (in kindergarten) asked me for a piece of paper so she could doodle. Not long afterwards, she handed me back her drawing. To my surprise her little hand had scratched out the American flag with the words “United States of America flag” spelled nearly perfectly. She said the circles represented the stars in the flag.

       That certainly brought a tear to my eye and hope to my heart for our generations to come. If a young child can have respect for our flag, why can’t others? Why can’t some adults remember the blood that was shed to keep this country great and free? My grandfather fought in World War I with honor, my father in the Army Air Force in the Pacific in WWII, my older brother in the Marines during the Cuban crisis. The list goes on for my granddaughter’s ancestry from other sides of the family tree has quite a few heroes as well.

     Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together for our future generations, like we did during the World Wars, to preserve freedom in America and in the world.

     God bless America!

by Ray Vallorani



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