France’s Trump-like Le Pen Makes Runoff Election

Marine Le Pen was as controversial presidential candidate in France as Donald Trump was in America. Like Trump, Le Pen is an ultra-conservative who made many Trump-like promises in her campaign. She targeted issues like protecting the border and taking measures to protect the nation from Islamic extremists and Muslim refugees. Several months ago, Le Pen held a lead, but then fell behind. The most recent shooting of 3 Paris police officers last week most likely helped her campaign as she finished a close second, forcing a runoff election.

An anti-immigrant firebrand and an unconventional centrist were set Sunday to advance to a runoff in a tight race for France’s president, according to exit polls released immediately after balloting closed. If confirmed, the results set up a sharp confrontation between those who embrace globalization and those who want to roll it back.

Centrist Emmanuel Macron placed first and far-right leader Marine Le Pen placed second in initial exit polls in the first round of France’s presidential election, advancing them to a head-to-head showdown in the runoff on May 7. It was poised to be a historic wipeout for the two political parties that have traded power in post-World War II France, with neither the Socialists nor the center-right descendants of Charles de Gaulle having a shot at the presidency. 

Center-right candidate Francois Fillon, a former front-runner, conceded defeat shortly after the exit polls were released, calling for patriotic French citizens to unite behind Macron to defeat Le Pen, whose party he said was known for “violence and intolerance.”

Sunday, May 7 will be the runoff election between Le Pen and Macron. For the sake of the French people, I hope and pray that Le Pen wins and is able to enforce her campaign promises and take action to protect her country just like Trumps is trying to take to protect America, if only liberals would allow him to protect them.

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