Former Obama State Dept. Official Praises Trump for Doing What Obama Should Have Done

Most of the Democrats have been criticizing President Donald Trump for launching the airstrike on the Syrian base responsible for the chemical weapon attack on the Syrian people. To the surprise of many, a former member of Obama’s State Department has praised Trump and said that she was glad he did what Obama should have done years ago.

President Trump’s missile strikes on the Assad regime have re-opened the divide among former Obama administration officials over their much-critiqued Syria policy.

While some Barack Obama allies criticized Trump and defended the former administration’s diplomatic approach, others could hardly contain their relief that the U.S. had taken military action in response to chemical weapons use.

“Donald Trump has done the right thing on Syria. Finally!! After years of useless handwringing in the face of hideous atrocities,” tweeted Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former policy planner in Obama’s State Department.


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