WARNING: FBI Says Islamic Terrorists Active in all 50 States

There is no doubt that Barack Obama allowed countless Islamic terrorists into the country through his extremely lax immigration policies. Obama also refused to allow anyone in the federal government from using the term ‘Islamic terrorist’. Now that Obama is gone, the FBI is openly admitting that Islamic terrorists are active and under investigation in all 50 states.

Now that radical Islamic terror denier Barack Obama is no longer in office, it appears that the FBI is back to investigating the dangerous phenomenon in full force.

The now-former President famously refused to so much as use the term “radical Islamic terror” during his lame duck second term, leading many in the democratic party to adopt a similar, willfully ignorant stance on the subject.  Ultimately, this arrogance cost his party and Hillary Clinton a real shot at maintaining the White House, and flipped many a voter to the more responsive and realistic republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Now, with ISIS and other groups of radicalized Muslims pushing their jihad to atrocious new levels, the United States’ own FBI is getting back to work on fighting the spread of terror in the name of Allah.  The latest figures regarding their investigations will leave you in awe.

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Thanks to Barack Obama, no one is safe anywhere in the United States, largely thanks to Barack Obama, who I still contend is a Muslim, not the Christian he claims to be. The question now is how many Islamic terrorists are in the country and where will they strike next? The FBI is working hard to track anyone they suspect of being a radical Muslim or showing support for organizations like ISIS.




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