NEWS UPDATE: Facebook Killer Stopped in Pennsylvania

The nation has been aghast over the shocking Facebook video of a live murder. Steve Stephens bragged on Facebook as he pulled to the side of the road, approached a complete stranger and then shot the man in the head, all the while streaming it live on Facebook.

A regional manhunt for Stephens began in the Cleveland, Ohio area, but police had no idea where the deranged lunatic was. All they knew is that he was armed, dangerous and they knew what he looked like.

News bulletins were broadcast nationwide and the search soon spread across the entire nation, with every law enforcement agency watching out for the man who claimed to have killed a dozen other people.

Someone in Erie County, Pennsylvania spotted Stephens at a McDonald’s just before noon today. Pennsylvania State Police were notified. After a brief 2-mile chase that ended when the police used a PIT maneuver to stop and disable his car, Stephens pulled out a gun and shot…

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