Explosion Rocks St. Petersburg, Russia during Putin Visit

There is growing unrest in Russia as more of Vladimir Putin’s enemies end up dead. As the Russian President visited St. Petersburg, a bomb went off, killing at least eleven and injuring many more.

It was 2:40 p.m. on Monday, a lull before the evening rush hour in Russia’s second-largest city, St. Petersburg, where the subway normally carries two million people a day. The train had just entered a tunnel between stations, on its way out of a sprawling downtown hub, when the bomb exploded.

The homemade device, filled with shrapnel, tore through the third car, killing 11 people; wounding more than 40, including children; and spreading bloody mayhem as the train limped into the Technology Institute station.

Videos circulating on social media showed long red streaks across the white floor as the injured were dragged from the car. With the doors damaged, some people smashed through the windows to get out. “What a nightmare!” somebody yelled amid piercing screams.

With the attack, Russia once again appeared to have found itself a target of terrorism, after a long lull in its main urban centers. Law enforcement agencies initially said they were seeking two people suspected of planting explosive devices, according to Russian news reports, but later indicated that the attack might have been the work of a suicide bomber from a militant Islamic group.



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