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In 2011, Barack Obama lent US support to the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and his governing regime. With the full support of Obama, Mohammed Morsi became the President of Egypt, which was then placed under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once in power, Morsi vowed to re-establish an Islamic caliphate. He also declared that everyone living in Egypt should be a Muslim. If they were not Muslim, they either had to convert, leave or pay an outrageous tax to remain in the country. However, within weeks of his edict, government police began a genocidal campaign against the country’s Coptic Christians, which accounted for about 10% of the total population.

The Egyptian cabinet was inadvertently filmed in a meeting stating that America is an enemy in the same category as Israel.  The television broadcast caught Magdi Hussein, the leader of the Islamic Labor Party saying:

“I’m very fond of battles. With the enemies, of course, with America and Israel, but this battle must be waged with maximum judiciousness and calm. Even though this is a secret meeting we must all take an oath not to leak anything to the media unless it is done officially by Sister Pakinam. We need an official plan for popular national security, even if we did …”

Even after this declaration that America was an enemy to be battled, President Obama exempted Egypt from having to comply with the mandatory human rights requirements to receive military aid. This led many in the US to wonder if Barack Obama was indeed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as others had claimed.

The merciless activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt led the US government to consider them as a terrorist organization. Congress reacted by freezing millions of dollars that were previously designated to go to Egypt. They also froze the scheduled sale of F-16 fighter jets to the Muslim brotherhood regime.

However, completely ignoring the fact that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime was a declared terrorist organization that vowed to destroy the United States, Barack Obama committed an act of treason by freeing up $50 million and the sale of the F-16 fighter jets to them. He not only aided and abetted a sworn enemy, but he illegally bypassed Congress in doing so.

Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood regime was so ruthless and extremist that it barely lasted one year before the Egyptian people overthrew him and outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only did the new Egyptian regime outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood, but they have spent the past 4 years tracking down and arresting those who were involved with the terrorist organization.

In 2013, WND reported that Egyptian lawyers have filed charges of criminal terrorism and crimes against humanity and against US President Barack Obama for his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood. The charges have been filed in the International Criminal Court.

In addition to the charges filed against Barack Obama, criminal terrorism charges have also been filed in the International Criminal Court against Malik Obama, the president’s half-brother. Malik is charged with managing funds for terrorists who operate out of the Sudan.

The charges against Barack Obama that were filed with the court in The Hague, accuse him of financially supporting the Muslim Brotherhood before and after the June 30 Revolution as it has come to be known as. They specify that Obama helped to coordinate, incite and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in their acts of violence against humanity during the period of March 7 through August 18 in Egypt.

The Clarion Project is now reporting:

“Egypt says it’s captured terrorists across four provinces. The 13 men are Muslim Brotherhood members according to Arabic media outlet Al-Arabiya.”

“The cell was planning a bombing campaign against governmental institutions, Christian centers and assassinations of public figures and police officials, the country’s Interior Ministry said. The idea was to create turmoil, the ministry said on April 16.”

I have contended for the past 8 years that Barack Obama committed multiple acts of treason, especially with his support of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. He should still be held accountable for his crimes against humanity, the Egyptian people and the United States. He should be arrested, tried, convicted and summarily executed in public by hanging or firing squad, to show other liberals that traitors like Obama will not be tolerated any longer in the United States of America.



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