Double Standards for Bill O’Reilly and Bill Clinton

Have any of you noticed that conservatives are held to a completely different set of standards than liberals?

Do any of you remember when then Vice President Dan Quayle visited an elementary school in New Jersey in 1992? The class was working on their spelling words and one student went to the blackboard and correctly spelled the word ‘potato’. Quayle handed a piece of chalk to the student and suggested he add another letter to correct the spelling. The mainstream media literally crucified Quayle in their reporting. They made him out to be a complete idiot, virtually ending his political career.

Now recall the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama. At a stop in Oregon, Obama stated:

“… uh, because, you know, i-i-it is just wonderful to be back in Oregon, and over the last 15 months we’ve traveled … uh to every corner of the United States. Uh, I’ve now been in fifty … ss-seven? states. I think one left to go. Uh, one left to go — eh, Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to, even though I really wanted to visit but my staff would not, uh, justify it.”

How many states are there and how many left make up just one? So, did Obama think there were 57, 58 or 59 states? What about saying one left but then saying he hadn’t been to Alaska or Hawaii. Some say that Obama may have confused the number of American states with the 57 Islamic states, but others disagree. Regardless, the same media that crucified and destroyed Quayle’s career just blew off Obama’s bigger gaffe. Some said he was just tired or exhausted from all of the campaigning, but if that were true, it should have raised great concern over his ability to handle the stress and load of being president but it didn’t thanks to the media.

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When Bill Clinton was president, he committed adultery in the Oval Office. He tried to deny it by claiming that it was just oral sex, but that is still a sex act and constitutes adultery. During the investigation of Clinton’s affair, it was revealed that not only had he committed adultery with Monica Lewinski but he had other affairs as well. The man was a real lecher.

Yet the mainstream media did their best to downplay and dismiss the entire scandal. I recall one reporter saying that it was his own private business and did not concern the nation nor should the nation judge him for his private life.

Yes! This is the same media that a year ago viciously attacked Roger Ailes, head of Fox News for allegedly sexually harassing female employees. When candidate Donald Trump made a crude remark about women, the media turned on him like piranha turn on a wounded animal in the water. Even after the majority of the claims made against Trump were proven to be false, the media continued to attack him and label him a woman hater and abuser based on comments, no real evidence.

Now the liberal mainstream media turned their venomous hatred of conservatives over allegations made again the most popular conservative news person in America, Bill O’Reilly, again, over alleged accusations of sexual harassment of female co-workers and employees. With the record of underhanded and corrupt methods of the liberal left, one cannot help but wonder if the accusations made against O’Reilly were nothing more than the left’s way of trying to silence a critic from reporting the truth.

Which is worse – sexually harassing someone or actually committing adultery with someone? The answer in today’s America depends entirely on one’s political orientation. I don’t condone either, but the way the mainstream media has acted over the years in these cases shows a clear and distinct double standard. Democrats are excused from committing adultery, making speaking errors, lying and defying the US Constitution and laws, while conservatives are nailed to the journalist cross for simply misspelling a word. No wonder America is speeding down the road to Hell!



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