Disabled Veteran Says University Expelled His Service Dog

Many colleges and universities in the United States have become bastions of liberal and progressive ideologies. They seem to be engaged in a concerted effort to discriminate and silence anyone that is Christian, conservative or patriotic.

On some campuses, as reported in the past, conservative speakers have had their speaking events cancelled because of complaints made by liberals. Some colleges have tried to silence conservatives and Christians by restricting free speech to small designated locations on campus and even then, the person needs prior permission to speak, which is not always given.

I have seen firsthand how some professors automatically target Christians, conservatives and even students who show patriotism to the United States. While pursuing my undergraduate degree at a major university, I questioned some aspects of science that were taught as fact when in reality they were never proven. One professor told me to shut up and accept it as fact or he would automatically fail me. I tried to explain to him after class that science promotes inquiry and verification of things thought to be fact and again he told me to blindly believe or fail. The first day of the next semester, a professor was calling role when he came to my name. He asked me to stand and then told me that if I dared open my mouth in his class I would be kicked out of class and given a failing grade.

On another occasion, a former colleague of mine wore a t-shirt to class supporting a conservative Republican for president and was verbally attacked by three different professors because of his shirt. One of his professors strongly suggested he not wear the shirt again to class if he wanted to pass the course.

Sadly, these are only a few of the growing list of freedom violations occurring on many college and university campuses across the nation and we can add the University of North Texas to the list.

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Tawan Throngkumpola served 12-years on the United States Navy, including three tours of duty where he miraculously survived three IED explosions. He suffered three traumatic brain injuries as a result of the IED blasts. As result of his injuries, he suffers from seizures and PTSD related issues including anxiety and sleep walking.

Due to his injuries and conditions, Tawan obtained Cali, a service dog. Cali is a Rottweiler, which is a large and intimidating dog. After being a meter reader for 11 years for a utility, I’ve seen the many sides of Rottweilers, from the loving and friendly pets to aggressive and scary beasts. I’ve also see many people automatically judge every Rottweiler as being an aggressive and dangerous dog, without even knowing the dog or how it was trained or cared for.

Cali was trained to bark to remind Tawan to take his many pills, including his anti-seizure and anxiety medication. She is also trained to sense if he is about to go into some sort of medical distress and she remains at his side at all times to help control his anxiety. She will even lay on top of him at night if she senses he is about to sleep walk.

After spending some time homeless, Tawan, with the help of his service dog Cali enrolled at the University of North Texas to study psychology. However, the school received several reports from students and faculty that Cali acted aggressively on occasions. Last November, the school sent Tawan a letter telling him his service dog was banned from the campus because of the reported incidents.

Tawan has spent the time since then going through the proper channels to appeal the school’s decision. He has even sought additional training for Cali. However, recently, he was notified that his appeals have failed and that Cali is permanently banned from the school, thus ending Tawan’s schooling and hopes for his career. The letter he received just said that they are holding to their original decision and gave no reason why.

He reacted to the university’s final decision by saying:

“This is probably the least disabled veteran-friendly school in the nation right now.”

What does Tawan Throngkumpola do now? He answered:

“I will risk my education, career to make sure this will not happen to another disabled veteran or disabled person.”

The university’s actions are sad and unfortunate, but not surprising. They would rather bend over backwards to welcome LGBT, socialist, black, and communist activists while not blinking an eye in rejecting a patriotic American who sacrificed himself for our nation.


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