Dirty Details of Germs Hiding at Our Grocery Stores

Many people find it gross or unclean to have one’s dog lick them in the face, but they have no qualm kissing someone else, but they are shocked when they learn that dog’s mouth is cleaner than most people’s mouths. Years ago, I worked as a manager at a large retail store. Our security guard was bitten in the shoulder by a female shoplifter he was trying to stop. The bite infected and left his arm around 75% useless. His doctor told him that humans have far more germs and dangers lurking in their mouths than our dogs do, and that’s taking into account the fact that dogs always lick their privates.

Well, a recent study says that many of our grocery stores contain more germs and bacteria than found on our toilets at home.

Many grocery stores have sanitizing wipes for hands near where they keep their shopping carts, but the carts are not the source of the germs found in our grocery stores. Dr. Charles Gerbia, also known as Dr. Germ, is a professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona, located in Tucson. He was asked to list the top ten ‘germiest’ items or places in our grocery stores. You may not be shocked by #1 on the list, but you will probably be shocked and perhaps horrified to learn the other top 9.




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