Is Your Diet Plan a Ticking Time Bomb When You Get Older?

Many millennials are all concerned about their appearances and health. In their eyes, thin is in and anyone not thin is stupid, or just someone to be avoided. At least that’s the message that many of them send out.

As a result, there are a number of fad diet plans be used, sometimes out of necessity but more often than not, out of vain ignorance.

For instance, some people are gluten intolerant and have to avoid eating foods with gluten. Otherwise, the consequences are quite unpleasant.

Likewise, some people are lactose intolerant and have to avoid eating anything containing dairy product.

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However, many younger people are on gluten and dairy free diets not out of necessity, but because it’s the ‘in thing’ to do. What they fail to realize that these diets, especially a dairy free diet, can have dire health consequences later in life…



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