Dems Win! Force Trump to Back Off Border Wall Funding to Avoid Government Shutdown

If only Republicans held a 60% margin in Congress, they would not have to give in to the whining, temper tantrums of the liberal, hypocritical Democrats. Many top Democratic Senators voted to fund a border wall in 2007, but threatened to shut down the government at the end of this week if President Trump didn’t withdraw funding for the border wall from the stop-gap spending measure. It appears that Trump caved in to their demands.

About that border wall with Mexico.

President Trump backed off demands that Congress fund his promised border wall with Mexico after the political opposition threatened a government shutdown, averting what could have been an embarrassing moment Friday on the eve of marking his first 100 days in  the White House.

Trump’s reversal was welcomed on Capitol Hill as tensions cooled and negotiators continued talks Tuesday to reach an agreement. But it does not completely eliminate the drama surrounding the shutdown threat.

Congress will likely be forced to approve a stopgap measure allowing government offices to remain open while budget negotiations continue into next week.

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Call it blackmail or extortion or whatever you want, giving in to the demands of the Democrats in Washington is as distasteful as allowing a violent criminal escape because he threated to kill someone one. Politics in Washington DC these days is dirtier than any time in history and it’s most the fault of liberal Democrats who are hell bent on destroying America.




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