Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban Ministers from Ministering to Gender Confused People

There are numerous accounts of a minister working with gender confused people to lead them out of the LGBT lifestyle and back to a straight and normal lifestyle Many of them go on to get married, raise a family and lead a happy normal life. Liberals cannot allow anyone from turning gender confused people away from the LGBT perversions, so they are legislating and often using false data to ban ministers from being able to minister to these people that so desperately need the minister’s help.

So you mean to tell me that we have to filter through what our children watch and hear because of the LGBTQ agenda that is being pushed so hard, it is even infiltrating cartoons and children’s movies….but the liberals want to pass a bill that would ban pastors from speaking to homosexuals? Do you see the hypocrisy here?

This is just one more step towards removing God from America. It is a dangerous path to walk down.

The Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act, filed by Senators Patty Murray of Washington and Corey Booker of New Jersey, constitutes a renewed effort from Congressional Democrats to ban conversion therapy after a Republican majority let the bill die without a hearing last year.

Note that no one pushes legislation to prevent LGBT people from counseling straight or gender confused people. That’s okay, but it’s not okay the other way around. It’s okay for teachers to indoctrinate your kids into thinking that LGBT lifestyle is normal and should be tried, but they can’t teach them that it’s abnormal and a sin.

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