Democratic Party’s Political Motto

As a parent, we’ve all heard our kids or the kids of others say ‘not me did it’ or ‘I’m not to blame’. Even if you caught them in the act of doing something, they will deny doing whatever it was they weren’t supposed to do.

Sadly, it often carries over into adulthood. Our former son-in-law Tim was like that. When he lived with us, he and I were in the kitchen when he took a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator, poured a glass of milk, set the gallon container on the counter and began to walk away. I asked him if he was going to put the milk back in the fridge and he said no because he didn’t take it out. I told him I saw him take it out and no one else just leaves the milk out on the counter to spoil, but he got very angry and denied doing what I had watched him do.

There is another trait common which many of the same ‘not me’ people have. I’m not sure whether to call this other trait ‘lying’ or ‘illogical’ or just plain ‘hypocritical’. These are people who say one thing but do the opposite. This type of person will complain about cleanliness and then do nothing to keep their house clean.

This is the case with most liberals and Democrats. For example, take the recent chemical attack in Syria. Most Democrats are condemning the chemical attack and point to the images of the young children, lying dead in their parent’s arms. They weep and say how horrible this is to do to innocent and defenseless children, and they are right.

However, most of these very same Democrats vehemently fight the right to rip the arms, legs and heads off innocent babies here in the United States. In their eyes, subjecting a young child to deadly saran gas is unconscionable and yet to rip a living baby to pieces is perfectly acceptable. Even after ultrasound images of a baby in the womb trying to fight off the invading tools and then reacting in obvious pain as they are torn to pieces, most Democrats will still fight for the right to continue such a brutal and barbaric practice. These are often the same people who protest and fight to save whales, baby seals, an owl or small darter fish. They often place the welfare of animals and the environment over the welfare of humans.

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Another characteristic of these people is their stand on violence. They want to strip away the constitutional rights of American citizens by banning gun ownership and where anyone can carry a gun. They blame guns and not the people for the violence. Then they take measures to decriminalize some crimes and reduce the sentencing for many others. They encourage an open border which has allowed many violent criminals into our nation to victimize the American people and then defend the rights of these criminals to remain in the US.

The Democrats are quick to point the finger of blame at Republicans who do anything wrong and demand that they lose their jobs and even go to prison. Yet they protest and fight to allow illegal aliens to remain in the US. They frequently say they are good people who have done nothing wrong. The very fact that they violated federated immigration laws when they entered the US does make them criminals.

Another big one lately is the way the Democrats have acted concerning the confirmation of newly sworn in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Many of the Senate Democrats vowed to block any Trump appointee to high court. When the confirmation hearings in the Senate began and it came time to vote on Gorsuch, the Democrats launched a filibuster to block the vote. They knew before they started their filibuster that if they did do what they said they would do that the Senate Republican leadership would exercise the nuclear option and change the Senate rules for confirming a Supreme Court nominee. Yet, they are blaming the Republicans for everything.

But several years ago, when Democrats controlled the Senate, Republicans tried to block the confirmation of a federal judge with a filibuster. Then Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the Senate rules from requiring a 60% vote for the confirmation on all federal judges to only needing a majority vote. Current Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just followed the precedent set by Harry Reid a few years earlier and did the same thing in changing Senate rules to allow for the confirmation of Gorsuch.

These are only a few of the many examples of this kind of behavior among Democrats. So, what should the new motto for the Democratic Party be? Should it be ‘not me’ or ‘do as I say, not what I do’?


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