WHAT??? A Dem Senator Using Trump Economics to Get Re-Elected?

Many Democrats are very anti-free enterprise that made America the great nation it was. They also say that President Trump’s economic policies are doomed for failure. However, one Democrat has realized the truth and is using Trump’s economic ideas to help in her bid for re-election.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a progressive Democrat seeking reelection next year in a Rust Belt state won by President Trump, knows what she is up against. Republicans hold their strongest statehouse majority in decades here, and hundreds of small communities flipped to Trump after voting for Barack Obama in 2012.

Then there’s Gov. Scott Walker (R), who fires volleys of accusatory tweets at Baldwin and appears likely to seek a third term, putting polar opposites on the same ballot in November 2018.

Baldwin’s answer is to echo the hard-luck economic message that propelled the candidacies of Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), assert a Democratic vision that takes account of the little guy — and outwork all prospective challengers.

“The common thread is economic populism and how we get ahead,” Baldwin said here after a public discussion of prescription drug pricing. “It’s just that Walker and Trump pit one group of Americans against another, rather than taking on the real villains.”

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