Conservatives Suing Berkeley Over Cancellation of Coulter Speech

As reported last week, conservative political news commentator Ann Coulter was scheduled to appear later this month to speak at an event at one of the most liberal universities in America – University of California at Berkeley. Intolerant liberals didn’t want the truth to be shared, so they threatened violent protests if Coulter was allowed to speak. University officials responded by cancelling Coulter’s appearance. Now, conservatives have filed a lawsuit against the university over the cancellation.

Days after the University of California, Berkeley, canceled an appearance by the author Ann Coulter, two conservative organizations filed a federal lawsuit on Monday accusing the university of trying to “to restrict conservative speech” on campus.

The legal action comes after the university had canceled Ms. Coulter’s appearance, scheduled for this week, on the grounds that specific threats by anarchist groups threatened security on campus. The groups that invited Ms. Coulter say she is planning to come anyway.

The lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court in San Francisco, was brought by the Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation, a national organization that promotes conservative causes.

University officials are quick to react to threats from liberals, but they do not appear to be nearly as quick to respond to the actions of conservatives. Notice that liberals who preach tolerance threat violence to silent the truth when conservatives who are tolerant resort to legal means to protect their rights of free speech.

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