Comedy Legend Dead at 90

One of my few trips to Las Vegas with a couple of friends was highlighted when we took in a Don Rickles show. My friend tried to heckle the comic and Rickles quickly had the best of him. After the show, Mr. Rickles came to our table with a bottle of campaign and apologized for the insults he said when Paul heckled him. He turned out to be a consummate gentleman, a memory i’ll always fondly remember.

Comedy legend and actor Don Rickles died Thursday morning of kidney failure, Fox News has confirmed. He was 90 years old.

“Emmy-award winning iconic comedian Don Rickles passed away at his home Los Angeles this morning (Thursday) as a result of kidney failure,” his rep said in a statement. “Rickles would have turned 91 on May 8.”

His funeral will be private.

Born in New York City, Rickles served in the U.S. Navy for two years during World War II before he found fame.

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