China Warns Issue with North Korea Could Spin Out of Control

North Korea continues to ignore the warnings of the United States and most of the rest of the world. As the US moves an aircraft carrier strike force group into the region, North Korea is promising to carry out another nuclear weapon test any time soon.

This past week, President Donald Trump spent time with China’s President Xi Jinping, trying to recruit China’s help in reigning in North Korea. Over 70% of the North Korean trade is with China and Trump tried to get China to use that as leverage with North Korea.

As Jinping was visiting Alaska on his way home to China, he called Trump to tell him that they would try to help de-escalate the situation with North Korea. North Korea says it will not hesitate to launch a first strike nuclear attack on the United States.

However, China is now warning the US that North Korea has no intention of de-escalating the situation and that the sword rattling between the US and North Korea could easily spin out of control.

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The whole world is watching to see if North Korea will keep their promise or if the US will strike first to take out their nuclear capabilities.




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