China Cracking Down on Religions – Bans Muslim Names

Mainland China, a communist nation, has a long history of religious intolerance, especially for non-native religions like Christianity and Judaism. Evidently, they don’t like Islam either as they just issued a list of banned Muslim names. The document doesn’t necessarily ban Islam, just a select list of Islamic names.

China is cracking down on the “religious fervor”….In April, China banned many different Muslim names, including popular ones such as “Jihad” and “Mohammad.”

According to The New York Times, they received a copy of China’s document, which is quite literally titled, “List of Banned Ethnic Minority Names.” The catalog lists more than two dozen names that the country has banned.

Officials in the heavily Muslim region of Urumqi and Xinjiang have confirmed the ban. Reports say that if residents do not comply, then they risk forfeiting their childcare’s benefits, such as education and healthcare.

Fox News reports:

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For decades, Chinese Christians have faced imprisonment and death for practicing their faith. Many Christian churches were forced to go underground and in hiding, much like the ones in ancient Rome that met in the catacombs among the corpses stored there. It will be interesting to see if Muslims will be forced to do the same.




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