Businessman Blames Corrupt Clinton Regime of Smear Campaign Against Him

Carter Page is an international businessman and founder of Global Energy Capital investment fund and consulting firm. When he was associated with the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, he claims that Clinton’s campaign, which he refers to as being corrupt, launched a smear campaign to discredit him and Donald Trump. Even after the Trump campaign tried to distance themselves from Page, the Clinton campaign and liberal media continued their attacks.

International businessman Carter Page blames the mainstream media and the “corrupt Clinton regime” — not himself — for repeatedly saying he was an adviser to the Donald Trump presidential team, according to a letter obtained Sunday by Fox News.

Page made the argument in response to a December 2016 letter from Trump’s legal team telling him to “immediately cease” saying he is a Trump adviser, amid mounting evidence that Russia had meddled in the White House race that Trump won a month earlier.

“Thank you for your letter … and the opportunity to address the false impression that I may in some way be holding myself out as an ‘adviser’ to Mr. Trump,” Page said in response to Trump attorney Don McGhan’s letter to him a day earlier.

The White House says that Page never met Donald Trump nor did he ever advise Trump on any issues and therefore, he was never an adviser to Trump as he continues to claim. Once Page was associated with the Trump campaign, his communications were wiretapped by the FBI because they believed him to be a Russian agent. Page says he only had business dealings with Russians, like so many other American business people have had. Liberal Democrats, like those involved with the Clinton campaign don’t care who they destroy in the effort to push their socialist and corrupt agenda.

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