BREAKING: Talban Attack Kills 140 Soldiers

While most of the world continues to focus and worry about ISIS terrorist attacks, many have nearly forgotten about other Islamic terrorist groups like al Qaeda and the Taliban. However, they are still alive, functioning and deadly. The Taliban just launched an attack on a military base in northern Afghanistan that is headquarters of the Afghan Army 209th Corps. The attack left 140 soldiers dead and more wounded. It’s one of the deadliest attacks in a while.

A day after a lethal Taliban assault on an Army base in northern Afghanistan, an official said on Saturday that at least 140 soldiers had been killed, making it the single deadliest known attack on an Afghan military base in the course of the long war.

“Today, there was even a shortage of coffins,” said the official, Ibrahim Khairandish, a member of the provincial council in Balkh Province, where the attack occurred. Citing information from army officials, Mr. Khairandish said 60 soldiers had also been wounded in the attack.

The soldiers, most of them unarmed, were gunned down while eating lunch or emerging from Friday Prayer at the headquarters of the Afghan Army’s 209th Corps in Balkh by assailants in military uniforms who entered after another attacker had detonated explosives at a check post. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault.

This recent Taliban attack is further evidence that peace is unlikely in parts of the Middle East. Different tribes or ethnic groups of people, have been warring with each other, trying to gain control of the region, for centuries. It’s naïve to believe that a US presence will ever bring peace to an area where the people have been fighting amongst themselves for many generations.

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