Border Wall Versus Government Shutdown?

The federal government has been funded by Congress through April 28. If nothing is done by midnight, the government will be forced to shut down. This happened on several occasions during the Obama reign and in every situation the Democrats stood their ground and forced minority Republicans to cave in to their demands. Now Republicans are in control and Democrats are promising to shut down the government if the now majority Republicans still don’t cave in to their demands. Some say the Democrats are using the threat of a government shutdown to stop funding of the border wall. Democrats don’t want to protect America or the American people.

President Trump and top administration officials emphasized the necessity of funding the president’s proposed wall along the country’s southern border on Sunday, as talk of a possible government shutdown ramps up.

Members of the president’s administration said they expect the government to remain open — and are skeptical that lawmakers would shut down the government over the proposed construction.

Trump administration officials and GOP lawmakers warned of the consequences of a government shutdown — even as Democrats have come out strongly against passing a bill that would allot funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Sunday led the Sunday show charge, expressing confidence the border wall would be funded.

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Do you remember the infamous 2013 Sequestration that caused a partial government shutdown for a short period of time? The Sequestration was Obama’s idea and his plan to force Republicans to cave into the demands of Democrats. Republicans stood their ground and then Democrats blamed Republicans for their own Sequestration shutdown. I suspect they will again blame Republicans for their own refusal to compromise.



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