Border Wall Could be Paid for If US Stopped Tax Credits for Illegals, Says Sessions

There is a huge battle in Washington DC over funding for the border wall that President Donald Trump promised to build. Hypocritically, in 2006, key Democratic Senators including Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, voted to fund over 700 miles of border wall. However, they now say a border wall is not necessary, so they are fighting to prevent it. They are using the cost as their reason, but US Attorney General Jeff Sessions says that the border wall could be paid for by using the tax credits being given to illegal aliens.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an interesting argument when he appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.”

“The Attorney General pointed out that while liberals complained about being “forced” to pay for a border wall, the money to do so was already there. For just one example of a way that the wall could be paid for without touching any sacred liberal cows, Sessions pointed out that ending improper tax credits to illegal immigrants (who he said are mostly from Mexico) would save the nation $40 BILLION over the next ten years and that would pay for a healthy portion of the wall.”

I’ve repeatedly said that the cost of the border wall could be nearly cut in half by using our military construction units to build the wall. We are already paying them for their military service, so using them would mean no additional labor costs. Instead, all the government would have to do is purchase the materials.


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