Biden Used Fake News to Discredit President GW Bush

In the past couple of years, liberals have been trying to silence conservatives by branding some of what they say and print as fake news. Institutions like Google and Facebook are currently in a campaign to cut as much ad revenue as possible from conservative websites by censoring what they say and print. Anything negative about Muslims, LGBT or anything deemed to be too graphic, gross or pornographic, along with accusations of fake news, is being used as criteria to try to cut important ad revenue and hence silence conservative websites. Some liberal based organizations made a list of conservative websites that deemed as reporting fake news, some of which was true, but not what they wanted the public to know.

When Donald Trump picked up and reported a piece that turned out to be fake news, the liberal mainstream media tried to use it to discredit and destroy Trump’s integrity.

But what happens when a raging liberal uses fake news to discredit a Republican president? Nothing!

In 2007, a number of mainstream media picked up a story that claimed that the US Marine Corps was intentionally holding back on providing safer vehicles for troops serving in Iraq. One of those reports, published by USA Today on August 22, 2007 was titled – ‘Pentagon balked at pleas for safer vehicles’. Part of that post read:

“Years before the war began, Pentagon officials knew of the effectiveness of another type of vehicle that better shielded troops from bombs like those that have killed Kincaid and 1,500 other soldiers and Marines. But military officials repeatedly balked at appeals — from commanders on the battlefield and from the Pentagon’s own staff — to provide the life-saving Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, or MRAP, for patrols and combat missions, USA TODAY found.”

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“In a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates late last month, two U.S. senators said the delays cost the lives of an estimated ‘621 to 742 Americans’ who would have survived explosions had they been in MRAPs, rather than Humvees.”

“The letter, from Sens. Joseph Biden, D-Del., and Kit Bond, R-Mo., assumed the initial calls for MRAPs came in February 2005, when Marines in Iraq asked the Pentagon for almost 1,200 of the vehicles. USA TODAY found that the first appeals for the MRAP came much earlier.”

Then Sen. Joe Biden boldly held up a copy of the paper with the article and openly accused the President George E. Bush of not doing enough to protect the US troops serving in Iraq. Once Biden spoke out, a number of other Democrats jumped on the bandwagon, all trying to discredit Bush and his administration.

However, the truth is finally coming out, but no one seems ready to discredit Biden for reporting fake news like they did with Trump.

According to a recent report in The Washington Free Beacon referring to the story Biden used to attack Bush:

“Much of the information for the story came from a Marine Corps scientist, Franz Gayl, who had been put in touch with the article’s authors by Erin Logan, a staff member for then-senator Joe Biden (D., Del.).”

“Ten years later, documents and emails obtained by a former director of operations for the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab in Quantico present a contradictory picture. The documents and emails show the Democrat-driven public accounts accusing the Marines of failing to protect their troops by delaying requests for armored vehicles between February 2005 until September 2006 were false and misleading.”

“The facts presented by Steve Chill, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq, reveal the Corps was already engaged in rapid development of needed armored vehicles for troops in Iraq.”

“But instead of buying off-the-shelf armored vehicles, the Marines instead chose an MRAP made from blast-hardened M1114 vehicles, known as up-armored Humvees.”

“The armored Humvee development program was already the highest priority for then-Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James T. Conway, nearly a year before Gayl went public with his charges to Biden and the press.”

Biden was clearly in a position as a US senator, where he should have contacted the US Marine Corps to verify the story before publicly using it to attack President Bush. Yet, Biden did not check out the truth of the charges and ran with the fake news like the fabled Chicken Little hollering that the sky was falling.

During his eight years as Vice President, Joe Biden made it a habit to twist and ignore the truth to fit his warped socialist agenda and it seems it was no different beforehand when he was still a senator.

One can only hope upon hope that some major media outlet will use this latest revelation of truth to discredit Biden and question his motives and integrity, but I highly doubt that will happen.



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