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About 15-years ago, a dear friend of mine from the United Kingdom told me that America would soon be following England in becoming a truly pagan land. He was a Christian pastor and, before retiring, he said that probably fewer than 2% of the British people held a biblical worldview and in about 20-30 years, America would probably be the same.

Statistics from then and now indicate that not only was my friend right, but that it may be happening in America sooner than predicted.

In January 2000, Barna Research published Teenagers Embrace Religion but Are Not Excited About Christianity, (which sadly is no longer found on their website) which stated:

“When asked to estimate the likelihood that they will continue to participate in church life once they are living on their own, levels dip precipitously to only about one of every three teens. [nearly 70%]”

In December 2000, Barna Research posted The Year’s Most Intriguing Findings, (again not found today on their website), which stated:

“A minority of born again adults (44%) and an even smaller proportion of born again teenagers (9%) are certain of the existence of absolute moral truth.”

In 2001 Barna Research published, via Regal Books – Real Teens. In the book on page 136, Barna stated the following, referring to teens from evangelical homes:

“One unmistakable indication of the brewing trouble comes from the response to a question concerning how likely teens say they are to attend church once they are independent.  After they graduate from high school or move away from home, just two out of five teens contend it is ‘very likely’ that they will attend a Christian church on a regular basis, and another two out of five say it is ‘somewhat likely.’  What makes these figures more alarming is that questions of this type typically produce an overestimate of future behavior.  If we apply a ‘correction factor’ to these responses, we would estimate that about one out of three [nearly 30%] teenagers is likely to attend a Christian church after they leave home.”

If think those were dismal statistics 16-17 years ago, then you may feel even more discouraged for the future of the Christian church in America when you hear about more recent figures. The American Culture and Faith Institute (ACFI) conducted a study of the worldview beliefs of America’s millennials. They found that they held far more liberal views on topics like socialism and same-sex marriage.

It’s normal in many generations that the younger people usually hold a more liberal view on many topics, but that as they grow older, they tend to shift more to the right or conservative views on many of the same issues. However, according to ACFI, today’s young liberals are less likely to become more conservative as they grow older. George Barna, Executive Director of ACFI, stated:

“Millennials are so far to the left-of-center” that “even a typical amount of repositioning will leave them very liberal.”

The ACFI study discovered that nearly 44% of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism. I attribute that largely to the brainwashing of the public school system. It also explains why Bernie Sanders (a self-professed socialist) and Hillary Clinton (a socialist by her actions) are so popular with the younger generation.

Another sad and frightening statistic is that 15% of millennials say they identify as LGBT, compared to only 6% of those over the age of 30.

Even though ACFI reports that 59% of millennials identify as Christians and 33% claim to be born again Christians, only 4% of millennials hold a biblical worldview. That means that their professed Christianity is highly liberal and compromised. Chances are, many of them attend churches that pander to entertainment and emotions without teaching what the Bible really says, including what it says about homosexuality being an abominable sin punishable by death.

Thanks to the successful brainwashing of America’s public school system, holding a true biblical worldview is almost extinct among today’s millennials. These are tomorrow’s leaders and teachers, which paints a very dismal picture of America’s future.

I know there will always be a remnant Christian church in America, but it will most likely end up being hidden and secretive for fear of persecution, like the Christian church in China and in many Middle Eastern countries. You need to ask yourself if you are willing to risk everything including your life and family for the sake of Christ? If not, then you need to re-evaluate your faith and relationship with the One that sacrifice His life for you, especially now as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, Prince of Peace, Lamb of God.




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