Arkansas Successfully Executes Convicted Murderer

Liberals have been trying everything to prevent the execution of convicted murderers. They have challenged the constitutionality of executions along with the effectiveness of the lethal injection drugs used. They would rather see killers live in prison for years, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, than to carry out the just penalty of death. After a number of court challenges to block Arkansas’s plans, the state successfully carried out what might be the first of 8 executions scheduled for this month.

Arkansas late Thursday night carried out the state’s first execution in more than a decade after the U.S. Supreme Court, in a last-minute series of orders, rejected requests by a death-row inmate to stay his lethal injection.

The execution followed a wave of criticism and tumult in Arkansas, which had set an unprecedented scheduled of executions, plans that were imperiled by a round of court orders halting at least some of the eight lethal injections originally set for April.

As part of its aggressive scheduling, which the state said was needed before one of its lethal-injection drugs expired, Arkansas had planned to carry out back-to-back executions on Thursday night at a state prison southeast of Little Rock. But that was abandoned when a state court blocked one of those lethal injections, and officials instead focused solely on plans to execute Ledell Lee, 51, by lethal injection.

One down and seven to go. If more murderers were executed for their crimes, perhaps others would think twice before committing the crime. I still believe in public executions as means of impressing the severity of the crime of murder on the minds of the public, thus, hopefully preventing others from doing the same. It would be an impression that would last a lifetime.

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