Another University Cancels Conservative Speaker for Fear of Violence by Liberals

When was the last time you heard of conservatives protesting at any school sponsored event featuring a liberal speaker?

Imagine a school cancelling an event featuring someone like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama or even Rachel Maddow. If this happened, liberals would walk out of classrooms, take to the streets in protest over an unfair discrimination being displayed against their liberal heroes.

On the other side of the argument, it seems that every time a school schedules or sponsors an event featuring a prominent conservative, those same liberal students do walk out of classes take to the streets and protest, demanding that the university cancel the event.

In June 2012, Ronan High School in Montana had arranged for famed and award winning film producer Gerald Molen, a Montana native, to speak at their graduation ceremony. Molen is best known for his Oscar winning film, Schindler’s List. He also produced Twister, Rain Man, Days of Thunder, Hook, Minority Report, Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Before becoming a film producer, Molen served in the US Marine Corp. He says that he is now retired since his 2011 TV movie Beyond the Blackboard and Truth & Treason.

According to Molen, he spent nearly three weeks preparing his address to the students. He had planned to use Oskar Schindler as the subject of his speech, pointing out Schindler’s courage. Next, he was going to ask them to use their imagination and think of their future lives as a movie and then ask them what they wanted the scripts of their movies to be.  He had not planned to talk about anything political whatsoever.

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However, after driving an hour and half to reach the school, Molen was informed by Tom Stack, the principal at Ronan High School that he would not be allowed to address the students. Molen said that Stack told him that because he was a right-winged conservative and that he had received some phone calls from parents concerned about what Molen might say to their kids.

In November 2012, Fordham University, originally founded as a Jesuit college by the Roman Catholic church in 1841 New York, banned  Ann Coulter from speaking on campus. Coulter is a lawyer, conservative social and political commentator author and syndicated columnist. She is known for being very outspoken concerning her conservative political and social views. Evidently those views are not shared by the administration of Ford and the university.

After barring Coulter from speaking on campus, the university extended a warm greeting to Peter Singer. Serving as a tenured Princeton bioethics professor, Singer is also a well-known animal-rights advocate who has even promoted the extinction of the human race for the benefit of the rest of the planet. When advertising for Singers speaking engagement to be held at the university, they promised that it would provoke Christians to think about other animals in new ways.

Now the same thing is happening with one of the most liberal universities in America the University of California at Berkeley. Coulter bent over backwards agreeing to many discriminatory and arbitrary rules set forth by the college in order to speak to the students at Berkeley.

After liberal students complained, university officials feared that allowing a conservative like Coulter to speak at the university would spark riots and violence, so they informed Coulter that the event was being cancelled.

Earlier in the year, Berkeley hosted Breitbart News conservative Milo Yiannopoulos to speak. During his speech, intolerant liberals began throwing rocks at the crowd that gathered to hear him speak. They also began setting fires and throwing Molotov cocktails, resulting in a campus wide lockdown.

University officials fear the same thing will happen if Coulter shows up to speak.

However, this time, Coulter is not backing down to liberals. Speaking to Fox News, Coulter said that she is planning on keeping her appearance, saying:

“What are they going to do? Arrest me?”

The event was scheduled for April 27. Who will prevail? Coulter or the intolerant liberals who cannot bear to allow anyone else exercise their constitutional right of free speech.


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