Alabama Police Fight Constitutional Carry Bill

In Alabama, law enforcement departments have the responsibility of issuing concealed carry permits. They often used their discretion to determine who received a permit and who was denied. A bill in the state legislature wants to establish constitutional carry also known as permitless carry, and many law enforcement officials, such as Mountain Brook Police Chief Ted Cook, are speaking out against the bill. Some say they don’t want to give up control of the permit process.

A large gathering of police officers in Alabama are asking lawmakers to not get rid of concealed carry permits. Law enforcement from all across the Yellowhammer State joined together at the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee meeting on Wednesday.

Most of them do not want Senate Bill 24, which allows constitutional carry, to pass. For example, Mountain Brook Police Chief Ted Cook argued, “I think it’s a vote against the safety of our citizens.”

However, there were officers among the group who agree with the constitutional bill. Like Mike Hale, Jefferson County Sheriff,  counteracted Cook’s argument when he spoke to the committee. “Please uphold the constitution,” Hale said, “Let’s do that today by voting this bill out of committee.”

ABC33 reports:…

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Many liberals fight against constitutional carry laws as they want to disarm the populace, not allow them to carry concealed weapons without a permit. After all, the thought of anyone having the right to defend themselves and their loved ones is detestable to them. However, many of us, myself included, believe that the US Constitution guaranties us the right to protect ourselves.




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