3 of Obama’s Refugees Kidnap & Rape 5-Year-Old Disabled Girl

The liberal mainstream media is filled with pictures of refugee families and kids that look pitiful. Their goal is to make the public feel sorry for them and oppose President Trump’s characterization of them as being evil and enemies of America and the American people. Bet the same liberal mainstream media won’t report this horrific crime carried out by three young refugees against a young disabled girl here in the United States.

Hopefully you don’t have a squeamish stomach, because you will be sickened and outraged at this report.

Three boys, aged 7, 10, and 14, kidnapped a five-year-old disabled girl while her mother was in the restroom, in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The boys, who cam here via refugee programs,  removed the young girl’s clothes before sexually assaulting here and video taping it. They forced oral and anal sex upon her, and then urinated in her mouth.

Mark Guerry, the girl’s family’s attorney said ,“We agreed to the plea bargains. That by no means implies my clients were, or are, fully satisfied with the outcome of these cases or the prosecuting attorney. After 10 months their right to some form of justice was long overdue.”

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