14-Year-Old Girl Recovers After Being Shot in Head and Left for Dead

Two months ago, 14-year-old Deserae Turner was shot in the head and left for dead in a canal close to the school she attended. Her recovery from being shot in the back of the head is a miracle. She was more than happy to leave the hospital and returning home with her family where she will continue her miraculous recovery.

This is remarkable! As Max Lucado once stated, “In God’s hands, intended evil becomes eventual good.” That is exactly what happened when 14-year-old Deserae Turner was shot in the back of the head by two teenage boys, and then left for dead in a canal near their school. They may have thought that they’d killed her, but God had other plans.

According to reports by KSL, Turner was found on February 17, in extremely critical condition, when her friends were searching for her and found her unconscious in the canal near the school.

WSBTV reports:

Two 16-year-old boys are accused of luring Deserae to join them after school, then shot her in the back of her head. Prosecutors say they stole her belongings and left her in a dry canal.

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Sometimes we see something meant to be tragic and evil turn into something good. Hopefully, Turner will realize this and use what happened to her as a means to reach other kids to help stop the violence. I also pray that God will use her and what happened to her as a means to witness to others about the saving faith of Jesus Christ.



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