Why Did This 11 Year-Old Kill Himself?

So often, people who play jokes or pull pranks on others fail to think about the consequences before hand. In too many instances, the subject of the joke or prank does not see the humor and takes what happened to them seriously.

A juvenile in Michigan is facing charges after a mother said her son killed himself after his 13-year-old girlfriend faked her own suicide in a social media prank.

Katrina Goss said Thursday that she found her son, Tysen Benz, hanging by the neck March 14 in his room after seeing social media posts and texts that his 13-year-old girlfriend had killed herself. He died Tuesday.

Goss said the girl and some of her friends orchestrated the prank.

The juvenile, who was not identified, is being charged in Marquette County with telecommunication services-malicious use and using a computer to commit a crime, Marquette city police Capt. Michael Kohler said in a news release.

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